The Rights of Mother Earth / Nature in Latin America

Let’s imagine a new society that embraces life and nature.

Let’s come together and build an community on Earth that understands human beings and nature to be a single fabric.

We will share experiences from different parts of our beloved Latin American continent, about how the Rights of Mother Earth and Nature have been created and strengthened, in order to inspire the activation of these initiatives in other lands and continents.

We are a diverse group of people, with different professions, gifts and talents, and as agents of change we bring the best of ourselves to this non-profit initiative aimed at raising awareness of our responsibility to restore and protect life; we want to safeguard the wellbeing and integral health of families and communities, and promote the recovery of the planetary balance between human beings and Nature.


  • Pao Benavides and María Elena van Yurick – DMTN Chile – Collaboration Pact/Weaving with organisations
  • Vero Sacta – Constituent Process in Chile


  • Juan Sebastian – Alianza DMT Colômbia


  • Lui Laura Zapata – Defensoría de la Madre Tierra


  • Vanessa Hasson – DMT in Brazil


  • Luis Alberto Precoma – Peace Sanctuaries and DMTN
  • Claudia Brindis – WDDM in Mexico


Event Details

  • August 24th, 2022
  • 1-3pm Colombia and México, 2-4pm Chile, 3-5pm Brasil, 6-8pm UTC, 7-9pm London
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