Municipalities in Transition | An opportunity to activate multiple local networks

To bring together local networks is to cultivate the strength of a community and foster its knowledge and broaden its visibility.  This action creates possibilities for interaction and synergies between each person in the territory. Communities make the most of their skills and talents, as well as collective intelligence to promote dreams, initiatives and projects, and improve what is already changing.

Come and discover the experience and developments of the Municipalities in Transition Project in Vila Mariana, São Paulo/Brazil!

We will give an overview of what is the Municipalities in Transition Project and its components, how it unfolded in its improvement phases and, also, share the process and lessons learned from the experience that took place in Brazil, in Vila Mariana especially.

Initially, we will explore the main elements that make up the methodology, and we will present the initiatives in which they were applied, showing their local developments.

This conversation can broaden your horizons to understand more clearly how to identify the individuals and communities that should be considered. We show what we learnt through our interactions, especially those that were more challenging.

Learn how to activate your local networks, and understand how you can better collaborate and come together.

You will be able to leave energized and inspired to work better in your territory and want to discover the potentialities that are available and need/can be connected.

Come to this conversation and find out more!

Lara Freitas


Biourbanist, Master in urban management, Permaculturist. Co-founder of the Ecobairro Permanent Program since 2004. Certified facilitator of Gaia Education, Tutor of GEDS – Gaia Education Design for Sustainability/Ecological Design and Design Studio, of the Municipalities in Transition Project – MiT, coordinates the application of the One Planet Living/Bioregional Methodology in Villa Mariana.
Associated with Regenerative Landscape Design.


Everyone is invited!
Your neighbours, friends and community – together as we make this new world possible.

This conversation will take place between:
1 – 3pm Colombia & México
2 – 4pm Chile
3 – 5pm Brazil
6 – 8pm UTC
7 – 9pm London

Event Details

  • September 9th, 2022
  • 1-3pm Colombia and México, 2-4pm Chile, 3-5pm Brasil, 6-8pm UTC, 7-9pm London
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